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Tree Planting and Re-Planting

We offer planting and re-planting of trees to help keep Oregon green. Often the city requires re-planting as well. We can choose trees from local nurseries of our choice or you may purchase a tree from a nursery of your choice. We can pick it up, deliver and plant it for you properly. Here are some different types of trees and shrubs, but ask for current selections available. Please fill out our free estimate form if you are interested in removing and re-planting or just planting a new tree and we can come up with a quote for you. 


Honeylocust, Thornless

Gleditsia triacanthos inermis

A fast-growing tree with fragrant spring flowers. Its delicate, open silhouette lets grass grow underneath. Tiny leaflets turn yellow or yellow-green in fall. Pollution, salt and drought tolerant. Prefers full sun. Grows to 30' to 70', 50' spread.


Tuliptree (yellow Poplar)

Liriodendron tulipifera

A fast-growing tree with bright green leaves that resemble tulip flowers in profile and turn golden yellow in fall. Greenish-yellow flowers are carried high in the tree. Stems are aromatic. Likes full sun. Grows to 70' to 90', 40' spread.


Maple, Silver

Acer saccharinum

Very fast-growing. Leaves are green on top and silvery-white on the underside, shimmering and dancing in the breeze. Tolerates a wide range of soil conditions. Grows to 50' to 80' with spread 2/3 of height to wider than the tree is tall.



Taxodium distichum

A stately deciduous conifer adaptable to wet or dry conditions. Best known in wet areas, does well in city conditions as far north as Milwaukee. "Cypress knees" occur only near water. Prefers acid soils. Grows to 50' - 70', 25'or more spread.


Maple, Red

Acer rubrum

Brings color to your landscape year-round. Green stems turn red in winter, new leaves are red-tinged, turning to green. Fall color is deep red or yellow. Flowers are also red. Fast growing and tolerant of many soils. Grows to 40' to 60', 40' spread.


Maple, Japanese Red

Acer palmatum atropurpureum

A very showy, versatile species. Use as a single specimen or in borders or groupings. Can be a single-stemmed small tree or multi-stemmed shrub. Leaves are reddish-purple in spring and again in fall. Grows to 15' to 25', 20' spread.


Willow, Weeping

Salix babylonica

Graceful and refined, easily recognized by its open crown of ground-sweeping branches. Leaves are light green above, grayish-green beneath. This willow grows especially well near water, reaches 30' - 40' tall, 35' spread.


Poplar, Hybrid

Populus deltoides x Populus nigra

A very fast-growing tree, up to 5 to 8 feet per year. Has silvery-green leaves and broad shade-tree shape. Usually planted for very fast shade. This is a cottonless hybrid. Plant back from sidewalks. Grows to 40' to 50', 30' spread.



Cotinus coggygria

A multi-stemmed small tree that turns a smoky pink color from June through August. Leaves, too, are showy, turning from medium blue-green to yellow-red-purple in the fall. Great for a shrub border or other grouping. Grows to 10' to 15', 12' spread.


Planetree, London

Platanus x acerifolia

Red-brown scales flake to show cream-colored inner bark. Large distinctive leaves with lighter undersides. Fast growing, resistant to anthracnose. Prefers moist, well-drained soil and full sun to light shade. Grows to 75' to 100', 80' spread.


Juniper, Youngstown

Juniperus horizontalis

A trailing beauty of superb coloring. Low, spreading branches seldom over 12 inches from the ground. Bright silvery-green. Sun or light shade. Tolerates dry soil.


Juniper, Bar Harbor

Juniper horizontalis

A low-growing spreading form of creeping juniper with blue green color turning reddish purple in winter. It has a slow to medium growth rate, about 10' in ten years with a deep taproot. It is long lived.



Spruce, Colorado Blue

Picea pungens

A magnificent sight of silver blue-green spruce. Rated one of the most popular evergreens. It grows well while young and matures at 50-75'; 25' spread.



Pine, White

Pinus strobus

A hardy, valuable tree. Clustered soft blue-green needles. Ideal screen or windbreak. Likes moist, well-drained soils. Grows 50'- 80' with a 20-40' spread.



Cedar, Deodar

Cedrus deodara

An excellent evergreen with graceful pendulous branches. Pyramidal form when young, wide-spreading and flat-topped in old age, often reaching 70' in height.



Redcedar, Eastern

Juniperus verginiana

Dense pyramid shape excellent for windbreaks and screens. Birds love its berries. Medium green foliage. Likes full sun. Tolerant of most soils. Matures at 40' - 50'.



Cypress, Arizona

Cupressus arizonica var arizonica

Native southwestern cypress with soft- textured gray-green foliage and rough shredding gray brown bark. Very drought and heat tolerant. Excellent for windbreaks and erosion control, Christmas trees. Grows 40'to 50', 25'-30' spread.


Boxwood (Korean)

Buxus microphylla koreana

Esteemed for hedges because it can be sheared into precise shapes. Its small dark leaves create dense foliage. An excellent plant to line driveways or borders.

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