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Tree Care in Portland Oregon

Portland Tree Care is an affordable Tree Care company with arborists that care about your trees. Our service area includes all of the Portland, Oregon metro area including Tigard, West Linn, Troutdale, Gresham, Sandy, and other close by cities including Milwaukie and Gladstone. We are now based in Boring and have added Damascus and Sandy to our service area. Our specialties are all aspects of tree services in Portland, Oregon including: tree removals of all sizes, professional pruning / trimming, hedges, wind thinning, cabling / bracing, spraying, stump grinding and much more. With Portland Tree Care you have the safety of knowing that your tree will be removed or trimmed safely. Our bond and our million dollar insurance policy will keep you feeling safe. Safety is our main focus when working on any size tree. We have worked for tree care in Portland, Oregon since 1996. Please browse the site to see if we can help you with tree service, landscaping, or our options for buying firewood.
Our Specialization:

We are a full service tree company, but really take pride in our pruning work and like to focus our attention there. Tree removals are straight forward, if the tree is gone, the job is done. However, tree pruning is an art. Having an eye for what branches to keep and remove is neccessary to do a beautiful pruning. We are ISA certified arborists that have a great eye for pruning. Having a great climber in the tree as well as a knowledgable arborist on the ground is neccessary. They have different vantage points and ultimately, you want the tree to look great from your vantage point, the ground. The climber will see and remove any hazards within the tree of course, but we want to focus on a beautiful tree from different angles. It is definetly an art form, not just tree service.

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Improper pruning requires restoration pruning

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