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Professional Pruning in Portland, OR

Tree pruning is a skilled art that should be done by trained tree arborist with an eye for the end result. We pride ourselves on our beautiful trees that are functional, safer and look amazing. We always have a highly trained climber in the tree and a highly trained ground worker to help guide his cuts to get two prospective on the tree, not just from inside the tree. Ultimately, the end result should be a beautiful tree from your point of view. We mainly focus our attention on tree pruning jobs as this is our main specialty that we have a passion for. No two companies will prune your tree the same way, so take your time when comparing bids and decide what is most important to you, lowest cost or high quality.

Get pruning service from certified tree arborist

Tree Thinning
Tree Shaping
Tree pruning Portland

Improper pruning requires restoration pruning

  • Does the tree look really thick with limbs and does not allow much sun to trickle through?

  • Look at the tree more closely and look for dead limbs, stubby limbs that have maybe already broken off some or limbs that are broken and hanging on other limbs.

  • Do main branches look like they are sagging due to be heavy?

  • Does the tree have a lot of small straight vertical growing limbs in the canopy?


Different types of trees have different characteristics. Some are naturally very thick and do not let much light through. However, most trees like the light to be able to trickle through to interior branches. It is the sun that helps provide nutrients to your tree. Thinning also helps the wind be able to more easily flow through the tree to put less strain on the trunk and root system during high winds. This helps with trees root system failing and helps prevent breakage. Dead limbs are always hazardous because they can break and fall causing damage to surrounding objects or people so it is good to get those removed. Often times these limbs may have already broken and are still up there hanging on to other limbs. These are especially dangerous because they may be barely hanging on and fall at any time. Large limbs can become long and heavy due to all the smaller limbs starting to weight them down. That is another reason thinning is good. It helps reduce the weight on larger limbs that could become too heavy. Usually breakage occurs during wind or ice. Keep an eye on the limbs to see if they look heavy and weighted down. When they are wet, they will hang down more, but removing some weight will help with this. These small vertical growing limbs are often called "Suckers" or "Water Sprouts". There growth is normal in some trees and in some it is due to trimming. They grow vigorously sometimes when pruning has been done as a defense to get a lot of growth back on the tree. It is also what happens when you "top" trees improperly. Then you end up with each topping cut growing a ton of suckers that will become to heavy and weak at the top of the tree. that is why topping is not a good practice and good thinning should take its place. These suckers are usually good to remove because they rob the good limbs from getting as much nutrients as they are using it up.

  • Does your tree look very oblong or one-sided?

  • Does it have limbs very low to the ground or in your way?


Shaping is when we cut back limbs in a way to make the overall shape of your tree more desirable or functional. Sometimes trees grow a certain direction due to the sun and favor that side, so we can trim them to have a neater appearance and prevent too much weight on one side. We can remove lower limbs to help "raise" the tree to give more space for vehicles, people or to let more light in.

  • Have your trees been pruned or topped improperly in the past?

  • Are they thick with Sucker growth and crossing limbs?


If improper pruning has been done, or the trees have had no real care before, it will help to have an overall pruning and crown restoration. This involves thinning, maybe slight shaping and overall crown restoration. This real thin out dead limbs, crossing limbs and get the tree back into good shape.

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