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Tree Trimming, Removal and Other Services

We provide many tree services including small shrub, Tree trimming, Tree removal, and pruning in areas like Portland, Gresham Oregon. If needed, we will climb to enter the tree to trim branches or remove the whole tree in small sections to prevent damaging any of your property, we can safely lower the entire tree on ropes and pulleys to insure the safety of your property if needed. We will provide a free estimate for any size job. Every job that we complete, we will clean all of the debris associated with the job, leaving your property as clean as or cleaner than when we start. Contact us for tree removal in Gresham, Oregon

Tree Pruning Service
Tree Pruning

​​We pride ourselves in our pruning techniques, so we have dedicated an entire page to it. 


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Tree removal Gresham Oregon
Tree Removal

​We can remove nearly any tree in any location using specialized techniques. We can rope them down when neccessary for safety of your property.

Tree Care Service

Tree Care

  • Support Systems

  • Fertilizer

  • Insect and Fungus

  • Spraying and injecting

  • Tree Planting


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Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding

​​We grind stumps to remove them from sight. We typically grind 6 to 8 inches below grade unless you need a deeper grind for re-planting.

Other Services

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