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Tree Care Services

We love to CARE for your trees in the Portland metro area. We offer many services that help with caring for trees rather than simply removing them.

Tree Injections


We offer spraying service for trees, hedges and fruit/ nut trees to prevent infestations and disease. We use tree injections for large trees which prevents major overspray and prevents waste. Below are some injections we use.


  • Tree fertilizer

  • Phosphorus (fungicide use)

  • Insecticide (use in ornamentals)



When you want to use us for tree spraying, we first come up with an initial spraying cost. At that time we evaluate the the future tree spraying cost. 

Fruit Tree Spraying


Fruit Tree Spraying -We use an organic insect and disease / fungicide control on fruit trees during the growing season. Safe to use around pets and children and can be used up to the day of harvest. During fall and winter we spray a dormant oil to prevent eggs wintering over. We can spray at any time, but schedule a regular service for discounted rate.


Details for spray used during growing season: (From manufacturer)

How does this spray work?

Dense oil spray smothers target insects on contact. Once liquid dries, a micro-film is left on the plant. Any hatchlings of the target insects gettrapped in the film and die. Females arriving after treatment detect the film and will not lay eggs on the treated plant;recognizing the area as hazard to their eggs. The fatty acids in the oil are toxic to the target insects


What insects will this spray control?

Spray kills the eggs, larvae & nymphs of insects and the adultstages of over 25 soft bodied insects including (but not limited to) fungus gnats, aphids, citrusrust mites, leaf-rollers, mealy bugs, scale insects, spider mites, thrips, *whiteflies, andhemlock wooly adelgid *Whiteflies are the most difficult insect to control because it has sucha short life span and repopulates very quickly. Spray will kill them when sprayeddirectly on contact but will not prevent them from coming back if left on the leaves. It is soft on Beneficial Insects – will not harm Bees, Butterflies, Ladybugs


What fungicidal properties does spray have?

 It controls certain fungal diseases such as (but not limited to) powdery mildew, downymildew, black spot on roses, greasy spot & helminthosporium. Spray deprives the disease spore of moisture necessary for propagationand protects the plant from germ tube penetration and spreading of pathogens such aspowdery mildew


What about plant compatibility?

When used as directed Spray has an unusually high degree ofsafety to most plants, including herbs, fruits & vegetables. However, some plants in theEuphorbia family (Crown of Thorns, Poinsettia) have shown some sensitivity. If in doubt, test first on a small area of foliage.


Tree and Hedge Spraying -We can spray smaller trees and hedges for many reasons. Our sprays can prevent insects, disease and fungus as well. 

Tree Bracing Systems


Installation of a tree bracing system to reinforce a tree's structure. We can install our system in your tree to prevent breakage and provide protection if larger breakage does occur. Great for trees with very small V crotches on large sections. We use a newer system installed in your trees instead of actual metal cables drilled into the trunk. This is overall better for your trees and here are some in-depth details:




This type of tree crotch can be a weak spot in the structure of a tree. Sometimes a tree support system would help support this union from splitting.

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