About Portland Tree Care

Why Hire Portland Tree Care?
  • Safety is our first concern. Safety for our crew, and safety for your assets.· Hiring a certified arborist helps ensure the quality work to your trees for long lasting beauty and strength.

  • Licensed, bonded and insured as well as worker’s comp insurance means that everyone is protected when we work. This is a must for any tree work.

  • We leave the jobsite as clean or cleaner than arrival and you will love the work we have done.


Hiring a company is a difficult decision, maybe meeting the entire crew will make it easier.


Our Team

Brian Mowlds - Owner

I started Portland Tree Care because I love working outdoors and I love the trees here in Oregon. I have been in the lawn and tree service business since 1996 and have a lot of experience. We have a great, highly trained team that works great together. I am also an ISA certified arborist.


Steve - High Climber

Steve is our high climbing pruning and removal specialist. He has been in the industry for many years and can move around the trees like we walk down the road. Steve is also an ISA certified arborist.


Jake - Climber 

Jake is an excellant climber and skilled tree pruner. He has learned from top climbers in the industry. He is also an excellant ground worker as he knows rigging and many knots and rope tricks to get the job done safely.


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Bret Mowlds - Owner of Hillside Landscape Maintanence

Hillside Landscape Maintenance is our sister company owned by Bret Mowlds. He and his highly trained crew often come in as extra support for our larger jobs. 


Bret and his office manager Amy!