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4 Must Ask Questions To Ask Yourself When Hiring

All tree companies are not created equal, and their quotes may reflect that...


Does the companies licensing matter to me? 

Yes. The Oregon CCB is the licensing agency for tree companies in Oregon. To have a license, the CCB makes sure the company is insured and bonded for your protection. The state requirement for liablility coverage is $300,000. Portland Tree Care carries a one million dollar policy.


Am I liable if a tree worker is injured at my house?

Make sure the company has a workers compensation policy. This covers their employee's while working on your property. It is the law that they carry this policy, but many do not. If you allow uninsured workers on your property, you or your homeowners insurance could be liable. This is a different policy than regular business insurance so make sure to ask. We carry workers compensation of course.



Should I hire a certified arborist?

 This is not a requirement by law or anything like that. The International Society of Arborist was founded to make standards in this industry to help protect trees from being pruned poorly. One bad pruning can destroy a tree, and these  trees are slow growing and impossible to replace a large tree in a our lifetime. The ISA made a certification process that tree workers can become "certified arborists". This shows that they have not only had enough training and knowledge to pass the initial test, but are continuing to learn new processes along the way. This is a field that we are all still learning and one method 30 years ago might be pretty out-dated now. We have certified arborists on staff and on-site!


Does equipment matter to me? 

Good working and proper equipment makes the job go smoother. Two guys and a pickup truck may be able to get the job done, but it may take a lot of extra time to complete it. We have dump trucks and our chipper can quickly process the debris, and high powered blowers to clean all the debris and dust to leave a nice clean job site. Of course all safety and climbing equipment is a must to get the job done safely. Most jobs are completed in less than a day with the right gear. So you and your neighbors will not have to put up with the noise longer than necessary.

All in all, does the lowest price mean the most to you, or the overall value. Portland Tree Care may not be the lowest bid out there, but we feel the value is high when considering all the above factors. Safety with insurance, ISA certification for great pruning, great equipment to get the job done right all comes in to play. We simply cannot offer the same cost as a two guys with chainsaws crew, but we can offer great service and great rates. Tree service is just like anything else you may purchase. There are less expensive cars than others, but quality comes in to play. A well pruned tree can add value to your home and require less future pruning that a bad pruning job. Not saying we won't be your lowest bid, but we just want you to compare apples to apples when comparing the bids.

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