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Tree Removal

We love to CARE for your trees in the Portland metro area, however, sometimes trees need to be removed for various reasons. In Portland you will most likely need a permit to remove your trees. Also in many cities like Gresham and Troutdale you may need one as well. We can do the entire job including planting a new tree for you to enjoy for years to come.

Reasons for removal


We can often times save sick and dying trees so we always recommend trying to save trees when possible. Sometimes trees are dead and unsafe and should be removed.


  • Safety for people and pets

  • Dead and dangerous

  • Rot in the tree

  • Multi-crotch trees may be hazardous

  • Location and structure safety

If you decide you must remove a tree, we will have to come out and look at the tree to give you a free quote. We offer this completely free of charge and can give you some options to save you some money, such as keeping the firewood and not having the stump ground down.



Dangerous Tree Rot
Dead and Hazardous
dead oak.jpg
Structure damage
tree damage 3.JPG
Roots Uplifting
Multi Trunks

Not all multiple trunk trees are dangerous. Some with included bark or visible cracks going down can be a sign of potential failure and splitting of the tree. We are glad to come out and check out your trees. 

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