Commercial or Business Tree Service Maintenance 

Often times business and commercial locations simply do not have the time to inspect their trees to know if and when they need work done. We have designed a program that runs on a yearly schedule with monthly payments. This helps with your companies budgeting. We can work with all budgets as well. 




  • Safety for your employee's and their vehicles

  • Customer safety and their vehicles

  • Safety for your structures

  • Peace of mind knowing that we are keeping an eye on potential problems

  • Long term health and safety of your trees

  • Monthly cost as opposed to high one-time cost projects




1. Tree Maintenace Safety Program

This program is designed for the business with a budget on mind. It is to keep your trees in as safe as condition as possible. We keep trees trimmed for clearance issues (streets, buildings, sidewalks etc), and keep dead or hazardous limbs out. 


2. Full Service Tree Maintenance

This program is to keep your tree in safe condition as above. It also provides a total pruning for health and thinning of the tree. We also keep an eye on potential disease and insect issues and offer lower costs in handling these problems if they arise. 


3. Full Landscaping and Tree Maintenance Program

This program offers all the bells and whistles for outdoor maintenance. We can come out with Hillside Landscape maintenace (our partner company) to offer a full quote in complete tree and landscape maintenace. This includes full tree service, mowing, weed control and blowing. Landscapers and tree companies working together is a great way for the landscape excel. Sometimes trees may need to be trimmed a certain way for the grass to grow better. Why hire two companies that don't work with eachother when you can hire partner companies that work hand in hand to create a perfect outdoor environment. This is two seperate companies so billing will be seperate as well.