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Christmas Tree Delivery Fine Print

The 2014 delivery weeks are the 1st thru 5th, the 8th thru 12th, and the 15th thru 19th. Saturday deliveries are an extra $25 fee and are the 6th, 13th and 20th.


You must order your tree at least the Friday before the desired delivery week to receive your tree during that week.


You may pick the size and type of tree during order. We cut all trees from the farm the weekend before your delivery date and make a fresh cut at your home.


Make sure you take into account your stand and tree topper when considering the height of tree you would like.


Your tree will be delivered to your home sometime Monday thru Friday during the week you choose for delivery to an outside location such as the driveway or porch area. You cannot set up a time or exact date for delivery as we have certain areas we deliver to each day to save on delivery fees and fuel cost. 


We do not set-up trees in stands unless otherwise discussed.


From our understanding, most garbage companies will haul away your tree from between $0 and $10. Check with your service to be sure. If you do not have service, we can pick up for $15 as well if needed from your curb.


· We encourage all feedback to improve our service for future years.


Order online by clicking here


Sorry, We are no longer taking orders for 2016.



Merry Christmas!

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