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Tree Planting and Re-Planting

We offer planting and re-planting of trees to help keep Oregon green. Often the city requires re-planting as well. We can choose trees from local nurseries of our choice or you may purchase a tree from a nursery of your choice. We can pick it up, deliver and plant it for you properly. Here are some different types of trees and shrubs, but ask for current selections available. Please fill out our free estimate form if you are interested in removing and re-planting or just planting a new tree and we can come up with a quote for you. 


Oak, Sawtooth                        

Quercus acutissima

As one of the fastest growing trees in its youth, the Sawtooth Oak is an attractive shade tree with dark lustrous summer foliage and clear yellow to golden brown fall leaves. Adaptable to any soil condition except alkaline. Grows 40'-60' with a 40' to 60' spread. 


Oak, Overcup                         

Quercus lyrata

An important tree in difficult urban landscaping situations with uniform branching forming a rounded shape with an open crown. Has brilliant reddish or gray brown bark and displays leathery dark green leaves in summer. Grows 45'-70'.


Hemlock, Canadian           

Tsuga canadensis

This handsome and graceful evergreen is ideal for screening, groupings, and foundation plantings.  May be sheared to any height or shape and likes full sun to light shade.  Avoid heavy soils. Medium grower, up to 40' - 70'.  Plant 2' apart for hedge. 


Apple, Stayman Winesap    

Malus x domestica

A large red apple that is the most popular winter keeper with a tart, rich, wine like flavor. This is a triploid; it cannot pollinate other apple trees. (Pollinate with Lodi, Red Delicious). 


Magnolia, Cucumbertree     

Magnolia acuminata

Perfect, slightly fragrant greenish-yellow flowers bloom high upon the tree in May to early June with pinkish red fruit resembling a cucumber.  Exceptional tree for large properties.  Medium to fast growth rate.  Grows 50' to 80', 40' spread. 



Oxydendrum arboreum

White fragrant flowers in early summer.  Leaves are rich green, turning yellow, red and purple in fall.  Prefers full sun.  Grows to 25'-30', 20' spread. 


Cherry, Kwanzan                   

Malus Prairifire

he Kwanzan cherry has double pink flowers and a vase-shaped form with a rounded crown that spreads with age, making the tree wider than it is tall at maturity .The new leaves are bronze colored. 


Magnolia, Star                    

Magnolia stellata

With Showy 3-4" fragrant white flowers, this hardy magnolia can easily be used as a single specimen or a foundation planting.  Dark green leaves with striking, gray bark.  Adapts to slightly acidic, rich soils.  Full sun produces best flowers. 




 Forsythia x intermedia

This fast growing, hardy, early blooming shrub signal the arrival of spring.  



Rose of Sharon                       

Hibiscus syriacus

The Rose of Sharon is an deciduous, upright, occasionally spreading shrub or small tree with multiple trunks. The branches grow upright and will not droop except when in flower. 


Viburnum Arrowwood           Viburnum dentatumA multi-stemmed, rounded shrub with creamy white late spring or early summer flowers.    Leaves are lustrous, dark green in summer changing to yellow to glossy red and reddish- purple in the fall.  Flowers are followed by ½" blue-black berries. 



Oak, White                              

Quercus alba

An impressive tree with a stately, broad-rounded form. Suitable for larger areas. Dark green leaves in the summer, turn showy red in the fall. Slow to moderate growth rate. Prefers acidic, moist, well-drained soil and full sun. Grows 50'-80'. 


Holly, Foster’s No. 2         

 Ilex x attenuate Fosteri

An excellent evergreen for use as a hedge, accent tree or screen. Glossy, dark green leaves with white spring flowers.  



Serviceberry, Downy            

Amelanchier arborea

Large shrub or small tree with beautiful fall colors. White spring flowers giving way to 1/4" fruit loved by birds.  



Maple, Trident                       

Acer buergerianum

Attractive small patio, lawn, or street tree. Dark green leaves. Changing to yellow, orange, red in the fall.  



Oak, Shumard                        

Quercus shumardii

The Shumard Oak is a stately tree with beautiful fall color and great urban adaptability. It is drought tolerant and fast growing.     Prefers well-drained soil. Produces small acorns loved by deer and squirrels. 




Calycanthus floridus

This fruit-scented shrub is a welcome addition to any garden. Two inch, reddish-maroon flowers bloom in May to July.  


Abelia, Glossy                         

Abelia x grandiflora

This popular rounded shrub makes a fine bank cover, mass or hedge. White flowers tinged with rose bring beauty through late summer and fall.





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