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Tree Planting and Re-Planting

We offer planting and re-planting of trees to help keep Oregon green. Often the city requires re-planting as well. We can choose trees from local nurseries of our choice or you may purchase a tree from a nursery of your choice. We can pick it up, deliver and plant it for you properly. Here are some different types of trees and shrubs, but ask for current selections available. Please fill out our free estimate form if you are interested in removing and re-planting or just planting a new tree and we can come up with a quote for you. 


Black Tupelo

Nyssa sylvatica

One of the most attractive native trees around. Summer leaves are a dark green with a high-gloss appearance, but the most spectacular part of this tree is the fall foliage with many shades of yellow, orange, bright red, purple or scarlet.


Magnolia, Sweetbay

Magnolia virginiana

The Sweetbay Magnolia has glistening dark green leaves with a silver underside that has a frosted appearance. The 2"-3" creamy white flowers have a light lemon scent and are visible in late spring and early summer. It is very elegantly shaped.


Maple, October Glory

Acer rubrum October Glory

A rapid growing Red Maple cultivar. This ever-popular maple should be considered as a beautiful shade tree addition to any yard. Glistening dark green leaves in spring, summer turn radiant red late fall.


Maple, Tatarian

Acer tataricum

An exceptional, drought-tolerant low-growing tree for small landscape areas. Medium green summer leaves change to yellow, red, and reddish-brown in the fall. Fragrant greenish to yellow flowers in spring.


Oak, Chestnut

Quercus prinus

The bold aspects of the Chestnut Oak make it an attractive choice for shade tree use in large areas. Glossy, dark greenish-yellow leaves that are 4"-6" long turn an orange-yellow to yellowish-brown in the fall. Produces acorns that are a deep-toned brown.


Zelkova, Japanese

Zelkova serrataJapanese

Zelkova is a good street and shade tree that has an appealing vase-shaped form with a rounded crown. Green leaves turn yellow, copper, orange, or deep red to purplish-red in fall putting on a showy display.


Pine, Lodgepole

Pinus contorta v. latifolia

A handsome native pine with yellowish green to dark green needles, twisted in bundles of two. It has a long, slender, pole-like trunk with a short, narrow, cone shaped crown. The flaky, thin bark is orange brown to grey or black.


Hazelnut, Arbor Day

Corylus sp.

Hybrid hazelnuts from Arbor Day Farm combine the characteristics of two North American native species, American and Beaked, and the European hazel. Crossbred for cold hardiness and disease resistance.


Willow, Scarlet Curls 

Salix matsudana x S. alba Scarlet

A vigorous, small tree with golden brown branches and twisted scarlet red stems spiraling upwards. The red color intensifies after the first frost. In zone 7-8 the twigs are more reddish brown. Leaves are somewhat curled.


Dogwood, Cloud 9

Cornus florida Cloud 9

Prolific, large, pure white, overlapping petal-like blooms in spring, dark green foliage in the summer, red-purple leaves in the fall with glossy red berries that persist into winter make this a lovely ornamental tree for all seasons.


Dogwood, Red Cloud Cornus florida Red Cloud'Red Cloud' blooms early and profusely with large, deep pink-red, petal-like bracts in the spring. The dark green summer leaves have crinkled edges. In fall, the foliage changes to red-purple and the clusters of glossy red berries.



Crabapple, Sargent

Buxus sempervirens

Sargent crabapple is an attractive compact landscape tree with abundant clusters of fragrant white flowers in the spring. The pink buds open into pure white blossoms followed by 1/3"-1/2 " berry-like fruits that turn bright red in early fall.


Azaleas Hybrid, Yellow

Rhododendron x kosteranum

Beautiful Mollis Hybrid Azaleas have been hybridized to be hardy even in more northern parts of the country. Lush, deciduous shrubs bear spectacular clusters of flowers to brighten your home each spring.


Azalea Formosa 

Azalea indica Formosa

A beautiful spring blooming evergreen azalea. It is a southern India variety. Large, 3" magenta flowers with a deeper blotch. Vigorous, upright grower, 6'-8' or taller. Partial shade to full sun, acidic, well drained soil.





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